D e n n i s

Jon...Dungeon Master, Sexual Psychic (don't ask me...that's what he says he is), and all around Very Scary Person, can be found at crankydoodle.com

Clint and Diana don't have a web page...but they own a company, and the company has a web site, so I guess that counts: eAcceleration.

Carl and Jennine Townsend have an even lamer web page than I do. Carl also has a website for his brewery, Redwood Avenue Picobrewery

Forrest Brewer is a professor at UCSB. He and Kathy Doughty got hitched a few years ago (although I just heard about it). She doesn't appear to have a web page, but I'll put her here in the top section, rather than relegate her to the shameful luddite section below. Kathy is one of those women that you don't even think of asking out or having any impure thoughts about, because you know that no way are you worthy. Forrest is worthy.

Jay Ts has done a lot of interesting stuff, and you can hire him as a consultant if you want some of it done for you. Find him at http://jayts.cx/.

I seem to know a large number of luddites. The following people need to join the 21st Century and get web sites:

Then there are those people who I used to know, a job or two, or a move or two, ago. I wonder what has become of them?

NOTE: anyone I know who is not listed here and feels left out, don't feel bad. I probably simply did not know for sure how your name is spelled or something mundane like that, and prefered to offend you by omission rather than offend you by botching your name!